«Nobody is harmed by the truth. Ignorance and self-deception cause harm».
Marcus Aurelius
«Nobody is harmed by the truth. Ignorance and self-deception cause harm».
Marcus Aurelius
Burnout is one of the most common syndromes today. The desire for something new and at the same time disappointment with the past leads to dissatisfaction and a sense of hopelessness. There are many causes for these situations.

When a subconscious belief or fear prevails, it becomes more difficult to see and realise that there are many more ways out of life situations than we think. An interview with me can help you get such an insight faster.
Daniil Shukhman, Entrepreneur, Consultant
Who can I help
People who are facing challenges in their relationships experience burnouts in the family and strained relationships with their children.

Heads of families and business owners who are planning to hand over their businesses to their children and find a new purpose for themselves.

Leaders, managers of different levels who are experiencing stagnation in their careers and wish to change.
What results will you get
The ability to view the situation from different angles.

Personalised navigation to help you out of a burnout.

The ability to listen and take care of yourself.

The energy to make those important decisions and receive practical recommendations.
How we operate
During the consultation, I quickly immerse myself in the given situation or process, the work is carried out in a safe partner mode. I clarify the biographical information and current event specifics.

Together, we draw your fact-map with potentials and limitations and several scenarios for future changes. I can use astrological pointers, give practical advice, and share my personal experience in various spheres of life.

When working with a team or partners, I turn to engagement and individual leadership style. We go through team processes together, I analyse motives and contradictions. A focus on empathy and respect opens the way to growing trust and, as a consequence, greater responsibility for the overall result.
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